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Painting Supplies List

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The following is a suggested starting colour list. When purchasing, check the tubes for the pigment code number to ensure correct pigment colour. Most tubes now have this information on their labels or on the product colour charts displayed by the art stores (ref.:"The Wilcox Guide to the Best Watercolour Paints", Michael Wilcox, Artways, Australia)

Tube colours marked "hues" are not pure pigments as they have an extender added to bring the price down. This causes the paint to become more opaque in character (sometimes very chalky in appearance).

Basic Palette

- Cadmium Red Light (PR108)
- Cerulean Blue (PB35)
- Cadmium Yellow Light (PY35)
- Quinacridone Red (PV19 or PR192, Also PR122, PR207)
- Ultramarine Blue (PB29)
- Lemon Yellow or Arylide Yellow (PY3)

Additional Colours

The following colours will give you a very complete palette if you do not have them already.
- Cobalt Blue (PB28)
- Phthalo Green (PG7 or PG37)
- Phthalo Blue (PG15)
- Viridian Green (PG18)
- Yellow Ochre (PY43)
- Ivory Black (PBk9)
- Burnt Umber (PBr7)
- Raw Umbre (PBr7)
- Burnt Sienna (PBr7)
- Raw Sienna (PBr7)
- Light (or English, or Indian) Red Oxide (PBr101)
- Chinese White (PW4) - Optional

We will be doing colour mixing exercises based on the above "Basic Palette" ie. 6 colours: 2 reds, 2 blues, and 2 yellows (ref.:"Blue and Yellow Do Not Make Green", Michael Wilcox, Rockport, Mass.)


#4, #8, #10 or #12 are useful. Sable (expensive) or combination sable and nylon brushes, ie. "Chalice" brand, or whatever you would normally use.


Arches is my choice; sheets or pads 9" x 12", 12" x 16" or larger, 300 grams (140 lbs.) cold pressed.
Lanaquarelle, Windsor Newton or Strathmore 400 series are also excellent papers in sheets or pads (Strathmore papers are the bargain here). It is best to obain papers with an adequate amount of sizing for wash work.


- Plate or palette for colour mixing - Paper towels, cloths or a camping towel - Water containers - Your usual drawing supplies - Foamcore or masonite for drawing board or mounting paper on, if you prefer to work this way.

Beginning Project

Chinese/Japanese ink and roll of rice paper (this can be bought as a kit from Robert at the beginning of the session for $10.00). Oriental brushes may be borrowed from Robert or bring your own if you have one/some.

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